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Thursday, July 16, 2015

In the Kenyan Press – Corruption Allegations Against Diligent Public Servants?…/10…/2790862/-/owiir5z/-/index.html…/10…/2790862/-/owiir5z/-/index.html…/uproar-over-anne-waiguru-p……/2765394/-/wfq7dgz/-/in…

I believe, like most Cabinet Secretaries, Ms. Ann Waiguru is a competent and dedicated public servant. And most importantly, her loyalty to Mr. Kenyatta is unquestionable.

She like her other colleagues have been linked with a range of corruption allegations, abuse of office etc. Mr. Kenyatta showed rare courage and leadership early this year when he presented a list of corrupt public servants. Senior government officials, including including cabinet secretaries were asked to "step aside". Since then many of them have been cleared of the allegations and charges of corruption. And we must respect the law and build confidence in our justice system.

Ms. Waiguru was not on the Mr. Kenyatta's list. But the allegations against her have an uncanny similarity to those that hounded her cabinet colleagues out of office. And yes, they were just allegations, pending substantial evidence to warrant a trial. However, Ms. Waiguru and supporters have dismissed these allegations with contempt and maintained that she is a victim of witch-hunt and malice.

Ann Waiguru's cabinet colleagues made similar statements; Ms. Ngilu did, so did Mr. Chirchir and Mr. Kamau.

I think Mr. Kenyatta and Ms. Waigur run the risk of sending a message to the public and to members of his government and the civil service that there is such a thing as a "sacred cow". And that there are two scale of justice; for special hardworking people and the rest.

At this point, and in view of the incessant flood of allegations of corruption against Ms. Waigure, I think the best thing for her, and in the interest of the man he has served with fierce loyalty and dedication, Ms. Waiguru should leave office and allow investigations against these allegations.
Moi let Biwott go over Ouko assassination allegations. Kibaki let Mwiraria and Murungaru go over Anglo Leasing. Deep in gut I believe Ms. Waiguru is innocent. What she needs is the courage to prove that she is indeed innocent. And I believe both her and the Mr. Kenyatta know that the right thing for her to do is to "step aside" and allow her innocence to coming shining through like the morning sun.

Keeping Waiguru in office, amidst all these allegations, founded or unfounded is a painful and needless distraction to Mr. Kenyatta, who must get on the work of the people.

Just like Julius Caesar's wife, Ms. Waiguru must be beyond reproach.

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