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Friday, June 10, 2011

The King is Sparsely Appareled

The American people must be ready to make tough choices. The politicians, especially Obama and whoever will be his GOP challenger must lay out candidly what the real choices are. That the US economy is in deep crises owing to false ideological choices that have tended to triumph over economic reason and logic is not clear to the Joe six pack. Joe is still hoping to get back his Detroit job and fend of foreclosure on his home.

It is easy for the GOP to rant about tax cuts and reigning in big spending and big government. But I hope they will be more both honest and imaginative about what really must be done to resuscitate a gravely ailing economy. Is the GOP ready to lay out the hard choices and speak honestly about the pain and the sacrifice that is necessary to get the economy going again.

Can the GOP and Obama tell the American people that the economy will hemorrhage jobs and growth or recovery will be painfully slow. Who will tell Americans that the current crises has been years in the making, reified in Reagan administration. Who will say to the American people that partisan ideological and culture wars have obfuscated the challenge and the promise of post-cold war America?

I don't think Obama can harp too much about the auto industry and the stimulus. The structural flaws of the the US economy are not trivial.

The American people are frustrated and understandably so. But things will only get worse unless the boldness and the imagination of the politicians is robust and forthcoming.

Who will tell the King that he is sparsely appareled?

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