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Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Doctors who shamed thier profession

Would you compare your doctor to your mechanic? This seems like an odd question. But think about it for a moment. The comparison of doctors to mechanics is probably pretty appropriate. Given the specialized nature of the work of physicians and mechanics, doctors, like mechanics, are rarely held accountable for their actions and patients and car owners are often pretty helpless.

For the most part, we would assume that doctors are like knights (sensu Jain and Cassel, JAMA 304(9): 1009-1010) doctors have your best interest at heart, but like in any profession, there are both good and bad apples.
According to the National Patient Safety Foundation, 42 percent of people believed they had personally experienced a medical mistake. Additionally, numerous statistics have shown that a staggering amount of people die each year due to medical error.

Masters in Health Care has provided a list of 10 doctors who shamed their profession,including details of medical mistakes they made.

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