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Monday, October 7, 2013

Doctoral studentship at the Stockholm Resilience Centre

Doctoral studentship at the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Reference number SU FV-2901-13. Deadline for applications: November 20, 2013.
Project title
Middlemen as crucial social-ecological linkages for achieving sustainable small-scale fisheries

Project description
Understanding how global drivers, such as seafood trade, affect relations between fishers and market agents is essential to increase fishers’ returns, reduce poverty and better sustain fisheries resources. Curbing exploitation locally has focused on restricting fishers’ effort, but global demands create exogenous pressure that is hard for small-scale operators to withstand. Hence, management must extend up the commodity chain and middlemen are an important link. They provide fishers with incentives, markets access, and many services but little is known about how these relations affect fishing behaviour, and effects on ecosystem dynamics and income distribution. This project will use methods from several disciplines to understand how global trade affects local ecosystems and how middlemen-fishers relations can channel sustainable practices or lock systems in unsustainable trajectories.

The aim of the project is twofold
  1. to examine the role of seafood markets and middlemen in mediating interactions between social and ecological components in local small-scale fisheries (SSF) systems, as well as their role in channeling incentives from global to local levels;
  2. to analyze the implications of these interactions for social and environmental outcomes at the local level, and the sustainability of SSF.

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