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Friday, February 11, 2011

Egypt Rising

The Mubarak regime is using Islamic fundamentalism as reason to stifle a just popular revolution against a repressive military regime. The language used by Mubarak and Suleiman to kill the democratic aspirations of Egyptians is the same language the Bush regime used to justify the invasion of Iraq and waterboarding, and the NATO occupation of Afghanistan.

What Mubarak wants to the rest of us, especially the US and Israel, to believe is that a totalitarian regime in Cairo is the best insurance for "peace" in the Middle East. And that with a dictator at the helm in Cairo, the US should not worry to much about Al Qaeda cells proliferating across the Middle East.

But lets face it. Should popular democratic urgings prevail, it is highly likely that the Muslim Brotherhood could be swept into power. This is what Mubarak has got every absolutely freaked about. We all know that the Muslim Brother party although officially banned in 1954 is the largest political movement in Egypt. And I think that Sadat, and Mubarak made them so. But on a light note, the Muslim Brotherhood is kind of like the Tea Party movement in the United States, pretty scary bunch are they not?

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