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Sunday, April 11, 2010

In pursuit of the African problem

Why is Africa lagging behind the rest of the world?

Is Africa poor because of resource exploitation by China?
Is poor governance a legacy of slave trade and colonialism? Is the war and disease caused by something in the water or the soils?

But what is Africa? Who are Africans? What do the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria have in common with the Southern Ndebele people of the Transvaal? I bet they are similar as the Finnish and the Portuguese.

Why is Somalia ungovernable? How does Ghana manage regular elections and peaceful transitions? How did Botswana achieve a per capita GDP of $13,300 while neighboring Angola’s per capita GDP is only $567? How about Zimbabwe?

I am looking for this war torn place riddled with disease, trapped in hunger, disease,poverty and governed by tyrannical maniacs that is universally known as Africa.

Mugabe lives in Zimbabwe. Mandela is a South African. Mo Ibrahim is Sudanese. Hitler was not European but a German. But Idi Amin was an African dictator.

But I know that what happens in Bosnia does not characterize Europe as a continent in embroiled in barbaric turmoil. But I know that the Rwandan genocide was just one of those evil and dark acts that can only come out of Africa.

Any programs or help or solutions for Africa will never work because there are is no African problem.

I live in Kenya and I am looking for Africa. And when I find Africa, I hope to find the African problem.

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