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Sunday, July 20, 2008

On Global Addiction to Crude Oil

This is an excerpt from Tom Friedman's column in the New York Times today.

....."We are addicted to dirty fossil fuels, and this addiction is driving a whole set of toxic trends that are harming our nation and world in many different ways. It is intensifying global warming, creating runaway global demand for oil and gas, weakening our currency by shifting huge amounts of dollars abroad to pay for oil imports, widening “energy poverty” across Africa, destroying plants and animals at record rates and fostering ever-stronger petro-dictatorships in Iran, Russia and Venezuela."

"When a person is addicted to crack cocaine, his problem is not that the price of crack is going up. His problem is what that crack addiction is doing to his whole body. The cure is not cheaper crack, which would only perpetuate the addiction and all the problems it is creating. The cure is to break the addiction."

"Ditto for us. Our cure is not cheaper gasoline, but a clean energy system. And the key to building that is to keep the price of gasoline and coal — our crack — higher, not lower, so consumers are moved to break their addiction to these dirty fuels and inventors are moved to create clean alternatives."

Friedman really nailed the global oil crisis. Friedman is an incisive global thinker. I highly recommend his book "The World is Flat".

I view the current energy crisis wrought by high crude oil prices as opportunity begging at our door. The time to innovate is now. As a global collective we can and we must.

Read Al Gore's bold and visionary plan to end addiction to oil.

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