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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Transactions with Martin Mule

Email to: from Martin Mule; John Mulaa;

Martin Mule Wrote

John; to be honest with you there is very little hope under the current arrangement. Both parties chose hardliners into the talks for a purpose. They did not want to dialogue or negotiate, their idea was to reinforce their positions. For once let us rule out negotiations or dialogue no matter what ones want to call it. If the Telegraph Story(above) is to be believed, which makes a lot of sense, then we are only seeing a postponement of the killings.

Hypocrisy is now eating Kenya real big. Annan or no Annan,there is bound to be more bloodshed. The more foreigners keep on coming to Kenya and especially the Western World, makes me think it is their interests at stake and not ours.Up to this moment, there is yet no Kenyan willing to stand up or worried by what is at stake in the current crisis, the causes and measures to prevent a recurrence in the future.

I do not think, there are no noble Kenyans, intelligent, compassionate, diplomatic and nationalistic enough to reconcile and heal Kenyans, and the fact that people like Mkapa(a journalist)whose party activism and propelled him into presidency and Graca Machel whose CVs strong point is marrying two Southern Africa former head of states underscores Kenya's dilemma as their mentality of whatever is foreign is better takes the better of their senses.

How many Western World government ministers will visit Kenya just to tell Kenyans their country is fatally wounded and bleeding profusely? Where are our heroes, where are our nationalists, where are our intellectuals, where are our scholars, where are our compassionate and caring politicians, where are our church leaders?

Only God grace will save us.

God bless you indeed.


My response to Martin Mule

Martin Mule,

It is my respectful opinion that it is neither helpful nor grateful to disparage the credentials of Benjamin Mkapa and Graca Machel. I find it troubling that you make this point after you point out that neither side wants “to dialogue or negotiate”. So clearly, the mediation talks must fail on two counts; incompetence of the mediators and the obduracy of the “warring parties”

Kibaki and Raila are bible wielding Christians. But I am sure even God and Christ have been unable to speak to their hearts. Just like many Christian Kenyans who know what really happened in KICC, many Christian Kenyans have killed maimed, raped and plundered. The same Kenyans believe that God will intervene and restore order in this nation.

I do not believe that the impasse in the mediation talks has anything to do with the competence, credentials or intellectual capacity of Mkapa and Graca. So far even the God that Kibaki, Raila and the rest of Kenyans worship has failed to convince them that the mindless megalomania, violence and murder does not serve the immediate and long-term interests of our children and posterity.

And I believe we have common values. Our mothers did not tell us that it is okay to rape our sisters, murder our neighbours and take what is does not belong to us.

And we are not wanting for heroes. Yes, Kenya is teeming with the most intelligent and the finest intellectuals and politicians on the planet. We have professor Moi. We also have Amb. Muthaura. We have our own John Cardinal Njue. We have illustrious ministers of the gospel such as Dr. Mark Kariuki. We have Martha Karua, William Ruto, Prof. Anyang Nyongo, John Michuki, George Thuo, Uhuru Kenyatta, Otieno Kajwang, Musikari Kombo, William Ole Ntimama. We have our most esteemed son and peacemaker VP Kalonzo. We also have Nobel laureate Wangari Mathai. And not to forget, the mother of our nation, Her Excellency Lucy Kibaki!

And who can be better mediators and peace makers than Kibaki and Raila? It seems like the outcome of these talks depend on them. The last I checked Raila and Kibaki were Kenyans.

And on second thoughts and introspection, I agree that we should send Graca and Mkapa parking. Especially Graca, there are countless women in Kenya who have been married more than ten times. Merely marrying two former heads of state cannot surpass marriage to ten full blooded African men. And we have our own stellar scribes; Gitau Warigi, Phillip Ochieng, Kipkoech Tanui, Linus Gitahi.

I also suggest that we re-examine Kofi Annan’s real value in the mediation process. We have our own Amb. Kiplagat. Just like Kofi Annan, he too has a head of silver. After all, what else does Kofi bring to the table? What does he know about mediation? Ten year tenancy of an office overlooking the East River on 44th &7th Av on Manhattan does not square as relevant experience.

There are also critics and sceptics like you and I who are too cleaver by half. I also agree that there are countless other unknown angles of peace and warmongers among us.

We must deploy this elegant tapestry of talent to the task of peace building for our beloved nation.

Alex Awiti

Reply from Martin Mule

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To: Alex Awiti
Subject: RE: Hope or Not?...NOT

Mr. Awiti,
My intention was not to disparage the credentials of Graca or Mkapa. I am a journalist too, like Mkapa. My point is we have Kenyans who are better equiped to solve our problems, and we need to make them understand so. I am more comfortable with a home made solution than foreign one.If you have had a chance to read our current constitution,it is more foreign than local. I totally agree with you that, it is Raila and Kibaki who hold the key to the success of the talks. I am disturbed by the unwillingness of Kibaki to demonstrate leadership and love for our motherland.

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